Tuesday, September 05, 2006

History of Kittson County in the World War

Dedicated to the brave boys of Kittson County, Minnesota
who gave their lives that liberty might not
perish from the earth

Published by

The Leader Publishing Company

Pipestone, Minn.

All towns listed are in Minnesota unless otherwise noted

Casualty List

Last Name First Name Town Service
Bergquist Olof Axel Lancaster Army
Carlson Thure Wm. Martin Hallock Army
Easter George Jr. Humboldt Army
Ecklund Herman Melvin Hallock Army
Eisenrich George E. Donaldson Army
Gravgaard Louis Alfred Kennedy Army
Hanson Alfred Karlstad Army
Jensen Tinius Karlstad Army
Kuball (Coleman) William Caribou Army
Larson Louis L. Kennedy Army
Locken Olof Hallock Army
Maurstad Peder M. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Melinski A.K. Orleans Army
Norberg G.A. Leonard Hallock Army
Olson Ole M. Karlstad Army
Solvskar Torgus (Thorjus) Karlstad Army
Spilde Henry M. Halma Army
Willson Harry Northcote Army
Jorgensen Fred Humboldt Army
Radschweit Robert D. Karlstad Army
Zettler Carl W. Comfrey Army
Larson August Lancaster Army
Lambert Archie Cannon Army
Lindstrom Ole Granville Army
Nelson Oscar Lancaster Army
Lindstrom Arvid A. Warren Army
Turnwall Alvin Karlstad Army
Hanson Oscar A. Kennedy Army
Jensen Magnus Karlstad Army
Dagen Clarence L. Donaldson Army
Arness Leo St. Vincent Army
Hanson Swan L. Orleans Army
Fertig Charles A. Kennedy Army
Toreson Richard A. Hallock Army
Halstedt Emil L. Hallock Army
Thorson Alvian R. St. Vincent Army
Norberg Otto C. Bronson Army
Israelson Erick O. Bronson Army
Swenson Otto Bronson Army
Carlson Charley W.A. Orleans Army
Davidson Ernest Kennedy Army
Osking Elmer Lancaster Army
Ekstrom Michael Lancaster Army
Skatrud Herbert A. Kennedy Army
Lindberg Herman Karlstad Army
Hodne Samuel W. Karlstad Army
Hanson Oscar Karlstad Army
Lofgren Gus Karlstad Army
Lofgren Axel Stephen Army
Becken Ole P. Halma Army
Jenson Julius Karlstad Army
Varey Mark E. Humboldt Army
Farley Cal Humboldt Army
Clow George V. Humboldt Army
Turnwall Fred Karlstad Army
Miller Victor H. St. Vincent Army
Nygard Ole O. Hallock Army
Bjorn Carl A. Kennedy Army
Erlandson Robert J. Kennedy Army
Sjostrand Martin J. Bronson Army
Vik John A. Bronson Army
Westberg Anton F. Kennedy Army
Casperson Iver F. Hallock Army
Trolin Leonard A. Hallock Army
Bernath Edward J.
Orent Frank Bronson Army
Gillie Ernest Hallock Army
Hoglin Ole J. Hallock Army
Gooselaw Fred F. Humboldt Army
Twistol Oscar Karlstad Army
Anderson Edwin A. Kennedy Army
Lundell David Kennedy Army
Russell Winfred W. St. Vincent Army
Russell Milton D. St. Vincent Army
Stenquist Julius W. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Younggren Clifford A.P. Northcote Army
Gunnarson Egnar R. Kennedy Army
Ryan Charles O. St. Vincent Army
Fogelberg Emil Kennedy Army
Westerson Clarence G. Hallock Army
Lindgren France L. Hallock Army
Hvidston Asmund Hallock Army
Lindgren Roy J.L. Hallock Army
Cummins Arthur Hallock Army
Johnson Fritz W. Hallock Army
Monson Gust A. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Emanuelson Carl A. Robbin Army
Anderson Richard F. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Hanson John J. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Bakke Marvin L. Karlstad Army
Olson Hjalmar E. Bronson Army
Lindstrom Charles Bronson Army
Welipski Paul Orleans Army
Polejewski Michael Richardville Army
Cannon James J. Northcote Army
Dahlman Edward Lancaster Army
Davis Earnest W. Halma Army
Jacobsen Clarence Halstad Army
Broughten Edwin M. Halma Army
Olsen Ebby Halma Army
Roswell Thomas Halma Army
Flugstad Olaf Halma Army
Cedergren Fred H. Orleans Army
Malm Alfred H. Richardville Army
Olson Ole J. Robbin Army
Gillas Peter J. Hallock Army
Peterson Alf Hallock Army
Newman Frank A. Hallock Army
Hedbom Edward D. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Peterson Carl A. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Lynch Peter D. St. Vincent Army
Hansen Phillip H. Hallock Army
Kraska Andrew S. Orleans Army
Herron Robert W. Humboldt Army
McGlashan Harry E. St. Vincent Army
Burris Enos E. Humphrey, Nebraska Army
Anderson Nels L. Hallock Army
Fossell George R. Kennedy Army
Johnson John M. Kennedy Army
Wilson Howard St. Vincent Army
Soderquist Levy Drayton, North Dakota Army
Carlson Dary L. Robbin Army
Underberg Alfred Karlstad Army
Nordin Albert F. Karlstad Army
Radschweit Leonard T. Karlstad Army
Sjoberg Otto W. Hallock Army
Johnson Oscar J. Karlstad Army
Johnson Alf D. Karlstad Army
Jenson Conrad A. Halma Army
Lyon Earl H. Karlstad Army
Warnes Arthur Karlstad Army
Wetterlund Elmer C. Karlstad Army
Froberg Edwin Donaldson Army
Jerome Emanuel Joliette, North Dakota Army
Johnson Hilmer N. Hallock Army
Karlberg Johan August
Jopp Louis A. Karlstad Army
Visnes Conrad B. Kennedy Army
Dahl Theodore Kennedy Army
Carlson Clarence Jupiter Army
Merritt Yancy Donaldson Army
Wass Oscar N. Hallock Army
Hayden William S. Hallock Army
Granquist Frank E. Tien Army
Schulte Leo J. Humboldt Army
Meeks Roy W. Fargo, North Dakota Army
Campeau Victor St. Vincent Army
Jackson Ernest Hallock Army
Lang James W. Clow Army
Gooselaw Eli St. Vincent Army
Johnston Kenneth W. Humboldt Army
Thedorf Chris A. St. Vincent Army
Gooselaw Daniel Humboldt Army
Friebohle John Humboldt Army
Sylvester George Humboldt Army
Venne Edmond A. St. Vincent Army
Lang Austin St. Vincent Army
Campeau Frank St. Vincent Army
Griffith Donald
Friebohle Joe
Bothum Melbin Halma Army
Hams Walter Halma Army
Roswell Arvid William Halma Army
Gillishammer Peter Halma Army
Fredrick Charles E. Bronson Army
Swiontek William Orleans Army
Masloski Anton Orleans Army
Gooselaw George E. St. Vincent Army
Borneman Harold Hallock Army
Lindgren Ferdinand E. Hallock Army
Inglis Frank Hallock Army
Mathews George Willard
Rasby Oscar L. Halma Army
Johnson Alfred Kennedy Army
Haugen Anton Julius Kennedy Army
Johnson Andrew Karlstad Army
Kielb Frank P. Orleans Army
Blide Paul Nathaniel Hallock Army
Herron Henry Victor Humboldt Army
Person John Ole Bronson Army
Eggerude Oscar L. Lancaster Army
Peterson Percy L. Lancaster Army
Melin Albin
Erickson John M. Lancaster Army
Engstrom Gust Lancaster Army
Fitzgerald William S.
Anderson Ingwald Juneberry Army
Fiedler Vincent Lancaster Army
Simmons Eugene G. Karlstad Army
Klegstad Clarence Karlstad Army
Anderson Albin Kennedy Army
Furaas Carl O. Bronson Army
Sjostrand Earnest A. Crookston Army
Wilmer Axel L.
Christenson Frank Karlstad Army
Bjornberg Joseph N. Kennedy Army
Clinton Herbert St. Vincent Army
Laroque Joseph Joliette, North Dakota Army
Nordin Sigfred Bronson Army
Duchek James Karlstad Army
Tykeson John E. Kennedy Army
Gudmundson John N. Bronson Army
Johnson Arthur W. Hallock Army
Kolden Ralph Hallock Army
Carlson Arthur Hallock Army
Edkins George W. St. Vincent Army
Edkins Gordon C. St. Vincent Army
Edkins Percy J. St. Vincent Army
Swanson Ferdinand Hallock Army
Carlson Albin C. Lancaster Army
Olson Ole Lancaster Army
Nordin Peter Thompson Army
Magnuson George A. Bronson Army
Glad Oscar Lancaster Army
Murray William J. Lancaster Army
Blomquist Sigvart Hallock Army
Nelson Ole Lancaster Army
Eckholm Albert Lancaster Army
Erickson James Hallock Army
Widestrand Emil Lancaster Army
Pearson William Lancaster Army
Peterson Hjalmar Lancaster Army
Pearson Edward Hallock Army
Satterlund Oscar Lancaster Army
Welch Leon Lancaster Army
Sandberg George Lancaster Army
Selin August Lancaster Army
Homstad Ole Lancaster Army
Polejewski Alexander T. Orleans Army
Johnson Axel Juneberry Army
Danielson Walfrid Hallock Army
Dexter Roland B. Orleans Army
Dexter Cephas M. Orleans Army
Hedlund Olof Lancaster Army
Hemming Arthur E. Lillesve Army
Johnson Herman C. Kennedy Army
Johnson Axel M. Halma Army
Williamson Emil A. Halma Army
Johnson Walter H. Kennedy Army
Zalewski John L. Lancaster Army
Johnson John M. Kennedy Army
Herron Stanley
Erickson John Hallock Army
Murray Charles Lancaster Army
Melin Charles R. Lancaster Army
Ulvang Alfred Gary Army
Norland Harry Lancaster Army
Nordin Olof Orleans Army
Glad Andrew Lancaster Army
Berg Oscar
Deere Charles Hallock Army
Hanson Jacob Donaldson Army
Davis Glen Donaldson Army
Lindahl Theodore W. Donaldson Army
Peterson Albin Hallock Army
Swanstrom Alexander Hallock Army
Johnston David R. Humboldt Army
Stromgren Carl G. Kennedy Army
Kraulik Arthur Donaldson Army
Kraulik Edward Donaldson Army
Johnston George H. Joliette, North Dakota Army
Dargan Maurice F. Donaldson Army
Anderson Melvin C. Boyd Army
Thornberg Arthur W. Hallock Army
Anderson Carl G. Karlstad Army
Haugeland Hans Karlstad Army
Nelson Nels L. Kennedy Army
Haugeland Cornelius M. Karlstad Army
Erickson Hjalmer
Anderson Herman Hallock Army
Allan Russel A. Hallock Army
Sundberg Roy A. Hallock Army
Anderson Ludvig T. Karlstad Army
Bailey Warren F. Spokane, Washington Army
Borgeson Iver Lancaster Army
Pearson Alfred Hallock Army
Cutt William Hallock Army
Swanson Carl W. Kennedy Army
Oldine Herbert A. Hallock Army
Peterson Roy T. Hallock Army
Pearson Otto Karlstad Army
Damitz Rineholdt H. Kennedy Army
Nelson Walter
Nelson Albin W. Hallock Army
Lilliquist Otto Hallock Army
Baker Oscar Hallock Army
Malm Egnar Lancaster Army
Hicks Elmer Hickson, North Dakota Army
Reddington Thomas Granville Army
Krogstad Selmer Hallock Army
Folland Nels J. Halma Army
Engelbert Elmer E. Bronson Army
Johnson Gustaf Hallock Army
Lundquist Fred Kennedy Army
Ekwall William B.
Rosberg Nels H. Kennedy Army
Enquist Julius Kennedy Army
Carlson Oscar Walfrid Karlstad Army
Swenson Arthur O. Kennedy Army
Bialke Frank T. Greenbush Army
Anderson Selmar Hallock Army
Jones Fred Hallock Army
Fowler John Hallock Army
Rustad Harold Hallock Army
Erickson Emil McKinley Army
Ekwall Joseph Hallock Army
Schatzel George Richardville Army
Stannage Samuel M. Hallock Army
Magnuson Edgar Bronson Army
Anderberg William M. Bronson Army
Anderberg George Bronson Army
Hultgren Harry Kennedy Army
Anderson Oscar Lancaster Army
Malm Gust A. Lancaster Army
Dahlquist A.W. Lancaster Army
Johnson Axel R. Kennedy Army
Huckins Ralph R. Lancaster Army
Amacher Lloyd Wm. Donaldson Army
Olson Edwin O. Pelan Army
Anderson Ernest Kennedy Army
Anderson Ralph L. Kennedy Army
Nelson E.G.
Wennersten Bror A. Kennedy Army
Johnson Adolph Kennedy Army
Burgoon Harry A. Kennedy Army
Mular Stanley
Olson Carl A. Kennedy Army
Youngcrans Arthur C. Karlstad Army
Engelbert C.L. Bronson Army
Murray Frank A. Donaldson Army
Mylerberg Victor Kennedy Army
Johnson Percy J. Lancaster Army
Kimberley Charles E.
Sandelin Nels G. Donaldson Army
Lucas H.L. St. Vincent Army
Lucas Vernon R. St. Vincent Army
Griffin William A. Northcote Army
Lindgren France L.
Ehrenstrom Joseph G. M. Bronson Army
Dahlman Oscar D. Lancaster Army
Olsen Bernard Lancaster Army
Zettler Winfred Lancaster Army
Hawkins W. Clyde
Hunt Orville A. Hallock Army
McVean Edward G. Hallock Army
Bushia Alexandria St. Vincent Army
Anderson Parker Hallock Army
Lundell David Oliver
Swenson Earnest S. Hallock Army
Day Sidney R. Lancaster Army
Hagen Carl Kennedy Army
Anderson Joseph Hallock Army
Carlson Erick Hallock Army
Pearson William A. Lancaster Army
Omundson Bert Hallock Army
Halvorseth William Donaldson Army
Coleman Harry T. Granville Army
Coleman Walter Granville Army
Becken Sig Humboldt Army
Granquist Oscar A. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Berg Edward Hallock Army
McCollough William Hallock Army
Chell John Kennedy Army
Boraas Olaf Hallock Army
Haugen Jens Halma Army
Lindegard Henry E. Hallock Army
Paulson William Kennedy Army
Lindegard Arnold Hallock Army
Johnson Garwin Hallock Army
Morstad Carl M. Hallock Army
Eyman Warren E. Orleans Army
Rue John N. Halma Army
Fredrickson Carl J. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Petersberg Henry Kennedy Army
Fredrickson John C. Drayton, North Dakota Army
Raleigh John J. Northcote Army
Broughten Arthur C. Halma Army
Hagen Alfred Orleans Army
Berg John Karlstad Army

Lundgren Carl L. Hallock Navy
Willadson Willis P. Hallock Navy
Hugill Percy Humbolt Navy
Norum George P. Hallock Navy
Norum Arnold Hallock Navy
Berg Emil A. Bronson Navy
Norum Iver S. Hallock Navy
White Joseph W.
Berg Allen Laurence Kennedy Navy
Lang George E. Orleans Navy
Norum Adolph Hallock Navy
Fitzgerald Edward R. Orleans Navy
Pearson Albert Lancaster Navy
Peterson Walter Lancaster Navy
Bailey John Lester Hallock Navy
Peterson Robert W. Kennedy Navy
Hemingson Oscar J. Kennedy Navy
Lindstrom Gust G. Bronson Navy
Hawkyard Carlyle H. Hallock Navy
Johnson Clifford H. Hallock Navy
Johnson Walter Bronson Navy
Dahlman Carl A. Lancaster Navy
Gillie Rollie E.
Nelson Alfred N. Karlstad Navy
Larter Ernest F. Lancaster Navy
Dahlquist Phillip Lancaster Navy
Swiontek John St. Joseph Navy
Lehmen Joseph Karlstad Navy
Blomsness Chester L. Donaldson Navy
Anderson Sigurd F. Hallock Navy
Horton H. Russell Hallock Navy
Thornberg Victor A Hallock Navy
Lund Abel Donaldson Navy
Smith Elmer Lancaster Navy
Lundgren Lou F. Hallock Navy

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